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General discussion board / No Booking confirmation despite repeated requests
« Last post by rtruswell on Yesterday at 05:12:46 pm »
Hi -
I Made a booking via the sun about 4 weeks ago and received the confirmation from them. I'm yet to receive a confirmation email from the park despite me ringing up 4 separate times now asking for one. I need to make changes to the booking and pay off the rest of the amount and just have no way to do this as the log in they've given me doesn't work either!
Starting to doubt the booking even exists -
Any ideas?
hope someone can advise, i'm sure if it was closed it would say, looks more like a site problem, fingers crossed!
I'd also like to know i have been trying to book since yesterday and it's coming up with a server error and won't load the book now page 😕
Hi all, new to this. i have my five codes and was hoping to book online. I saw the park that we wanted yesterday and wanted to wait til the evening to check and book but now the 'book now' link isn't working! Have i missed something or is the server down? Thanks in advance
Enter website feedback here / Never again even after a family matter
« Last post by Nono on May 23, 2019, 12:07:22 pm »
Hi, we have been told we can change our holiday  to a different date  its a family matter  and we are prepared to pay a extra fee but its a big No , after 10 years of travelling with them it will be the last  , poor customer service, last year our mobile home was dirty and smelly not even a apologie its a complete joke, thanks a lot you have made our planned holiday a complete nightmare with both the sun holiday and eurocamp  they just want the cash and nothing else  try to be human i even i was prepared to sent them a doctor report for that  . Thats the reason why is so   cheap because you dont have any guarantee or a good customer service who can answer you properly its always  No  we are a normal family who save all year to get a break try to understand people cant afford  another holiday just like that especially for a urgent matter i will understand if it was for a wrong date or other none urgent reason but come on its important i am so annoyed with you, 10 years and thats how you treat your customers  things are getting worse with you and Eurocamp  time move on  or stop advertising a cheap no so cheap holidays to peoples.
General discussion board / Re: Missed Deadine
« Last post by Claire Freeman on May 22, 2019, 11:14:58 pm »
Yes Monday you can start booking I do think
General discussion board / Re: wrong holiday
« Last post by essex boy on May 22, 2019, 02:46:31 pm »
Hi, under the terms and conditions nothing can be done by the Sun
However if you contact the holiday company direct as soon as possible, you could ask if it's possible for them to help
General discussion board / wrong holiday
« Last post by jessr585 on May 21, 2019, 09:19:31 pm »
my partner booked the wrong holiday park is there anyway i can change this or cancel it he done it today
Enter website feedback here / Ferry Price
« Last post by Anna Ceplin on May 21, 2019, 09:12:16 pm »
Hi all please be very careful when buying Holidays on Isle of Wight!!! I booked my holiday in July - I paid £86 for Friday- Monday weekend. What was my surprise Ferry between June/July and August are not on offer. Now for ferry only I have to pay around £ 150!!!
General discussion board / Re: list of either pay £9.50 or £15.00
« Last post by essex boy on May 21, 2019, 05:19:31 am »
When the booking office is open go to Book Now on this site
Where the Codewords have to be entered scroll down
You'll find Pay Only, and view No Extras

Click on View No Extras
This will give you the Up to date Sites and Dates still available as Pay Only
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