Sun Savers - The only way to book your Hols from £9.50 early this July


This year it is even easier to get your great-value getaway with Sun Savers, our new brilliant new rewards club. Plus, you will get first pick of the best dates and parks. It's so simple just download the Sun Savers app or register at sunsavers.co.uk. Enter just NINE Sun Savers codes consecutively every day from Saturday, July 8 and unlock early booking.
Don't worry you can still collect the usual 10 tokens/codewords but you won't get early access to booking.
Pick up The Sun from Saturday, July 8 for all the info you need.

U emailed me a code for sun holidays and I brought the sun paper but how do I log in and enter my codes it just keeps coming up saying it's for the fiver off and not the 950 holidays thank you for your time

essex boy

Hi, log into your Sun Saver account.
On the Home tag you should find OFFERS on the left hand side.
Click on the Holiday from £9.50
This should take you to a page to activate your part in the Holiday Offer.
The Holiday Sun Saver codes you've entered will then be taken off your total needed.

Last day for using the words this year was 11th August I was waiting g for my pay day this Friday to do it gutted I missed out

essex boy

Hi, you haven't missed out, there's a new promotion running now.
The FAQ for some reason hasn't yet been updated and is still showing the July Promotion details.
Up to date information can be seen here


Help... How do i book now? I'm desperate to book but there's no option, it says 'coming soon'


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