Pontins Camber Sands DO NOT BOOK HERE

simon blair

Pontins Camber Sands DO NOT BOOK HERE
« on: September 23, 2018, 03:40:22 pm »
Do not book here. I brought a weekend for my girlfriend and her friend and they have just had a terrible weekend.
They arrived and had to sort out getting electricity in the dark
Apartment smelt mouldy
fridge had been closed and switched off and door closed so was rancid smelling
Bath Pannel was off the bath and in another room
Paint on sofa bed
mould round windows
appartment had not been cleaned and when mentioned to guest service they said our cleaners work to the highest standard. My pics show glow sticks/tissues on the floor mirrors with marks and smudges on, sticky mark on the floor.
My Girlfriend got moved to another room this was just as bad had tissue under the bed not cleaned
TV was something like you would see on the Antiques Road show and did not work
They are now heading home today instead of tomorrow as thay did not want to go through moving again.
Site was like something out of the 70's and could do with being knocked down and re built
Complaint going into Pontins and comments will be passed to The Sun with request they look into removing this from the offer.

I wish I done a bit more of a search as if I had seen the reviews I would never had booked here. you know it must be bad when you type it in to search and it comes up DO not book and facebook has a group called we don't like Pontins Camber sands.

If I knew if I could add pics to show I would


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