First timers with a 3 month old baby....


First timers with a 3 month old baby....
« on: May 20, 2019, 02:57:27 pm »
Hi first timers here and we are looking for park recommendations in England for 2 adults and a 3 month old baby.  Also possibility of 2 dogs in tow. We can go midweek so I'm really just looking for peoples thoughts on suitable locations.  ideally looking for a good pool for the little one as she won't be able to do most of the activities and some good local attractions. Thanks
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Re: First timers with a 3 month old baby....
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I think Haven, The Orchards near Clacton could be suitable
Don't know where you're coming from but it has a nice little pool for children
Not to busy, and a large Nature Reserve over the road
KFC and large Supermarket off the Nature Reserve too
Only problem we found was we couldn't push the buggy on the Nature Reserve so had to leave it near the entrance


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