Never again even after a family matter


Never again even after a family matter
« on: May 23, 2019, 11:07:22 am »
Hi, we have been told we can change our holiday  to a different date  its a family matter  and we are prepared to pay a extra fee but its a big No , after 10 years of travelling with them it will be the last  , poor customer service, last year our mobile home was dirty and smelly not even a apologie its a complete joke, thanks a lot you have made our planned holiday a complete nightmare with both the sun holiday and eurocamp  they just want the cash and nothing else  try to be human i even i was prepared to sent them a doctor report for that  . Thats the reason why is so   cheap because you dont have any guarantee or a good customer service who can answer you properly its always  No  we are a normal family who save all year to get a break try to understand people cant afford  another holiday just like that especially for a urgent matter i will understand if it was for a wrong date or other none urgent reason but come on its important i am so annoyed with you, 10 years and thats how you treat your customers  things are getting worse with you and Eurocamp  time move on  or stop advertising a cheap no so cheap holidays to peoples.


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