Brand new to this - France August 2020

Brand new to this - France August 2020
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Hi, I have never booked a Sun holiday before! Last August we went on a Eurocamp holiday to Dordogne, and this August we have been on a Eurocamp holiday to South West France. We won't be able to afford to do it next summer. I was considering taking our tent to one of the parcs but I've seen a lot of the parcs are on the list for The Sun holidays. There are 6 of us, I was wondering how much per person the French parcs are? I can see the last day of Aug this year the holidays are £30 pp, are they more in the middle of the summer holidays? Also is there a 'fight' for the French parcs as soon as you can book in January... do they sell out immediately? Will it be harder for us to find a holiday as we are a big family, and do you get given tents or mobile homes? Thanks in advance!

Steve Salt

Re: Brand new to this - France August 2020
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We're off on our 6th Sun break to France in 2 weeks and all accommodation is provided by Eurocamp as far as I know. I don't know about taking your own tent as we've always had a mobile home and up to now they've all been excellent. You can book a week's holiday for only £19 pp.
If you want a specific park or date you must use the booking form in the paper and do it by post, fill in all the boxes with the same park name and date.
If you need 2 mobile homes you'll need 2 booking forms,2 sets of tokens and send them together with a covering letter asking to be togather.
I wouldn't worry too much about the French parks being booked up early, I've never NOT the park I wanted or the date I wanted it.

Good luck
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