Community House Rules

We want this community to be the home for £9.50 bookers to share tips & reviews and discuss their holiday experiences.

All info is the opinion of posters – it’s not our view.

We can be liable for what you post.

There is a user guide which our moderators enforce. The following list is what forms that policy and reasons for which a comment is deleted:

  • Contempt of court
  • Copyright
  • Illegal activity or endorsing such behaviour
  • Brand protection; i.e. slating Murdoch and any of the titles
  • General abuse or abusing other users
  • Hate speech; i.e. racism/prejudice
  • Nudity/sexual
  • Questionable username
  • Pasting URLs
  • Offensive comment
  • Personal details; i.e. email, address, phone number
  • Spoilers
  • Advertising/campaigning
  • Leading question
  • Non-English language

Please exercise caution and report any spam, illegal, offensive, racist or libellous posts.

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