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Step by Step

Step 1

Collect SIX Sun Savers codes from The Sun between Sat, Aug 19 and Sat, Sep 2

OR collect SEVEN tokens from The Sun between Sat, Aug 19 and Sat, Sep 2.

Step 2

Whilst collecting, check out the parks and dates available and choose your 4 favourite parks and 4 dates.

Step 3

Once you have your codes/tokens, book online. You’ll need 4 park choices and 4 start dates, your party details and a credit/debit card. You’ll be able to search which holidays are available and get on-screen confirmation of your booking. There’s a £2.30 online booking fee, and your card will be charged by UK Holidays in The Sun.

Step 4

You’ll receive confirmation from your park either by email or post. Extras such as service charges or optional entertainment/clubroom pass charges need to be paid directly to your park.

Step 5

Go on holiday! After your holiday, why not share your experiences by writing a review of your break.


If you’ve not got one already, print a booking form. Enter your 4 park choices and 4 start dates. If you’re happy to go to ANY park in an area, or have more than 4 date choices, indicate this on the form. Please make a record of your park and date choices and keep this safe.


Make out a cheque or postal order, payable to UK Holidays in The Sun, for the amount of £9.50 per person (including children and babies), even if selecting a Holiday from £15. Write your name and address on the back and staple/clip this to your form. Do not send cash and do not include payment for entertainment/clubroom passes, service charges, peak date supplements or upgrades. Unsuccessful applicants will get their payments back. Retain postal order counterfoils as you will need these to cash the postal orders if we have to return your payment.


Once completed, send the form, payment and tokens to the address on the form.


If you require wheelchair access accommodation, which may be limited, please attach a note to your form.

Note: insurance cannot be included with postal bookings.

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