Coronavirus – I’ve requested a refund from my park operator, but I’ve not had my refund from Sun holidays yet

Cancelled your booking with your park operator, but not yet received your refund from Sun holidays? Or are you having trouble getting a refund from your park operator? Please let us know using the form below. We will liaise with your park operator and email you within 14 days. We are working to refund customers as soon as possible, but please note refunds can take up to 35 days.

For other queries, or if you’ve not yet heard from your park or us, please view the latest updates and who to contact here. For Haven cancellations, you will receive an email from Sun holidays soon, with details of your options. For non-Haven cancellations, you would need to speak to your park operator to transfer your break or request a refund.

Important: Please ensure you include the Sun reference number, from your original Sun confirmation email, which will be 6 digits. If a valid Sun reference number is not provided, this may delay your request. Please do not include the reference from your park confirmation email.

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